Tuesday, May 07, 2019

the space between

So building fires requires attention to the spaces in between,
as much as the wood.

~ Fire by Judy Brown
The 5 of Fire speaks of friction and the right tinder for fire making. I'm talking the old fashioned bow drill method here, primitive and resourceful. This requires determination and focused energy, things not readily associated with the 5 of Fire. On the surface, there is a chaotic sparking and flaming, but if it can be channeled, great things may be accomplished.

It's possible you'll have to round up the posse to get things done. Each person will bring their unique perspectives and energies to the situation at hand and are thus quite valuable to the team. Because the 5 of Fire is going to be a team effort. And guess what letter isn't in the word team?

In the South on the Polestar Oracle rests a white feather weighed down by a round black stone. South is, of course, that place of Fire, the blazing noonday sun, and community. Feathers are the messages from birds, which fly close to the gods and so carry those messages down to earth for people to figure out (hopefully, without eviscerating said bird). It looks like a few ideas will get nailed down with the group effort. Good solid work can get done if folks work together.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Sunday, May 05, 2019


To sleep: perchance to dream; ay, there's the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

~ Hamlet, Act III, Scene I by William Shakespeare
Hamlet is always good for a laugh, right? Slings and arrows aside, The Moon leaning left suggests a certain denial of intuition and the potency of dreams. She requires a surrendering when upright, a blind faith of seeing in the darkness and swimming those lunar tides. That faith is questioned if leaning back. You don't trust your senses. You ignore or forget your dreams upon waking; further ignore the waking prompt of remembrance if bumped into during the day. Because an important dream will tap you on the shoulder with some little thing seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or touched. And that, my friend, is when you need to sit up and take notice. Do not brush aside your intuition, your knowing. The Moon's light is diffuse, gauzy, the lines are blurred so no information will ever arrive as hard fact. You simply need to follow instinct despite the lack of clarity.

The shard of glass resting in the West in the oracle reminds me of ice. Sometimes, ice can be seen through clearly, like a glass. Ice is frozen water. Perhaps emotions are frozen, in stasis, unyielding and so a sort of pervasive numbness occurs. Let these places in your interior landscape thaw; mountain streams running to lakes to creeks to rivers and then to the ocean. Reconnect to the flow in order to feel again. Do not deny yourself or your knowing.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Saturday, May 04, 2019


I would like to write a poem about the world that has in it
nothing fancy. But it seems impossible.

~ This World by Mary Oliver
Our lives are built on memories. Childhood memories can hold a certain bittersweet presence at odd times. If it was a good enough childhood (one not fraught with abuse or trauma ~ I can not speak to or for those who have endured such things), if it was good, we tend to add even more color to those fading memories based on our perceptions. The 6 of Water might have you floating along on these delightful currents. You may be remembering the sweetness of berries, the lushness of mud, having a favorite pet alongside on an Explore or two. A scent on the breeze might trigger such a memory. Or the way the sunlight slants into a room. Whatever gets you there, just remember you're here in the Now. Memories can be delightful havens for momentary escape, but you can't live there. Share the memory giving others some ideas of how to enjoy the present, make memories of their own. It can be the gift that keeps on giving, this sharing of stories.

Like markers on a path the two white stones and one white bloom in the East lead one into new directions. Your reminiscences might serve as such markers for those feeling lost or uninspired. While you can't stay in that lovely moment, again, it can be paid forward by the telling of it. If you are the one feeling lost and uninspired, then use those musings as pathfinders for yourself.

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Thursday, May 02, 2019


Why do I remember it as sunnier all the time then, although
it more often rained, and more birdsong?

~ Bored by Margaret Atwood
The 6 of Air might usually indicate quietly moving away from a tense situation. Stepping back to take a break and gain perspective. It's a harmonious mental time out (unlike the 4 of Air which is a definite boundary-maker). When the 6 of Air is upright, you're able to get away for awhile to think, regroup.

Leaning back, the ability to remove yourself from the scene is difficult. For whatever reason, self-imposed or obligatory, you are stuck here to figure out a few things. As Air is that mental element, it's likely you'll be in your head most of the day; mired in deep thought, seeking solutions, looking for a chink in the armor. And there are no immediate exit strategies. The only way out is through. Keep the activities of the day low and simple if possible. Stay to the left of the limelight and do what you can from the edge; you'll make no great impact, so small motions will have to do. And they may be boringly repetitive moves.

There is a rough black stone in the North, that place of physical existence and manifesting. The color Black is a strong one. It is definite, finite, and infinite all at once. Some fear it, feeling smothered by darkness. Others embrace it, finding comfort in that velvet darkness. Either way, Black is a color of deep power and might be one to cultivate in order to stay present with what is.

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Wednesday, May 01, 2019


The looking glass shattered / Everyone departed
A little more lonely / A little hard hearted

~ A Little Hard Hearted by Jon Levine and Melissa Etheridge
Typically, our Mother of Water is a gentle and compassionate soul. She feels your emotions and swims in your tides. He takes you in when you're feeling lost and bereft in the world. There is a shoulder to cry on with extra tissues. A pot of chamomile tea is full and warm with a touch of honey (because alcohol wouldn't be a good beverage at this time). She will feed you. He will protect you. Sounds cozy, doesn't it? Comforting.

That's all well and good if our Mother of Water isn't having her own issues to contend with. If you've crossed her in any way, know that the door is shut until she heals. No one gets in. No way, no how. That simple. If this is your fine self, then know you have a right to call some boundaries. Not that you need permission, of course. But you also have a right to feel what you're feeling. That permission is often forgotten. And while you may upset by whatever it is that has you deep in these emotions, you might also be berating yourself for swimming in them. This Mother is a Water element queen ~ let it flow. If it's safer to be alone with this process, then let it be so. A deeply trusted friend or therapist might also be helpful. Use your resources and try not to find distractions (Hello, Netflix!), but engage with the emotions and maybe that hard heart can soften a little.

If our Mother of Water in reverse is someone in your environment, it might be a good idea to be there for them without smothering (a reversed Mother tends to do that). Let them know you're available to listen, but then step back. One thing this person is likely to need is personal space for today so let them have it. Sometimes it's enough for them to know someone is present for them.

How sweet to find amazonite resting neatly in the West. This stone in the place of emotions, merging, and flow helps define some space that is safe. Let the energies of amazonite work toward restoring your boundaries and self-compassion so that you may return to the world with a lighter heart.

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