Tuesday, July 03, 2018

stars unmoved

Oh, if revenge did move the stars instead of love,
they would not shine.
~ Margaret Atwood
Justice is screaming from the mountain tops. She is wailing in the wind, screeching and howling, calling attention to the injustices of Life. Injustices we all suffer at one time or another, small and large.

I won't dive into details . . . mainstream media does a fine job of tweaking adrenals.

What I might touch on is the cruel beast of revenge. I know enough to understand little good comes from acting on it. And yet revenge is such an easy tool to reach for when feeling slighted or victimized. It's a lot of work to keep from exacting payback. It's when we are all impatient with karma.

And it's a mighty good thing certain wishes take time to manifest on this plane of existence. That instant gratification isn't served at every gruesome whim. Because then someone would have to take their revenge, wouldn't they? Where would it all end?

I can not in anyway suggest fixing vengeful thoughts or acts, except maybe this: focus on Love. (Oh, that does sound cheesy, but stick with me.) Not necessarily loving those who have wronged or slighted or traumatized, but loving the Self. Loving the Self enough to take care of yourself in the best possible ways. Because revenge devours from the inside and makes one generally unpleasant to be around. Besides, isn't living well the best possible revenge? Forgiveness is a tricky thing and I wouldn't suggest entering it lightly either.

Yet a right-leaning Justice is a force to reckon with today. Keep in mind, it is swift on both sides.

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