Friday, June 22, 2018

the cruel angle

To let me dangle at a cruel angle / Oh, my feet don't
touch the floor

~ What Kind of Man by Florence and the Machine
We are on the wrong side of a brusque Father of Air leaning right today. Upright, he is judicious, prudent, easy with his words. He is typically thoughtful and kind, considerate. In this exaggerated manner, our Father of Air feels arbitrary and he is certainly all air. He may say cruel and thoughtless things. He may not even notice let alone consider you. His main concern is enacting his will come hell or high water. A fair guarantee both will happen in dealing with a forceful Father of Air.

If this person is you (gender is disregarded in the Court cards ~ you can still hook into the energy), then I offer my favorite recommendation: stop, stand, breathe, and be Present. There is no need to be unkind to others (who may actually be trying to help) if a day isn't going as planned. The recalibration of a situation often calls for a shift in attitude ~ yours, not everyone else's. And as Fathers = Kings in the Tarot, you've got full command of your own behavior so make use of it.

If this person is not you . . . Well, do what you can. Even if that means leaving the room for a time out. You can not make this other person feel better or fix them today. Make a suggestion and then move on.

It may be a swirling mess of events with all this air-y energy barely touching the ground ~ though tornadoes touch down, don't they? As long as you tend to Self by being present, I'm certain you'll glide on through.

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