Wednesday, June 13, 2018

might as well be on pluto

There is a solitude of space
~ Emily Dickinson
Today is a new moon. One may as well be at the furthest reaches of the galaxy for that to matter. For that is where one would like to be when The Hermit presents itself in this manner. The Hermit has no interest in being a guiding light to anyone. In fact, The Hermit really wants to be alone, completely alone. No one gets in. Not nobody, not no now.

Maybe there's some deep work you'd really like to focus on and you simply need a completely distraction-free space. No phones, no internet, no TV, no people. Maybe a cat. Because they don't care one way or another. You're only good for one thing anyway.

And then there's the other maybe: That you've removed yourself so far from society you've forgotten how to relate well to others. Then it really might be time to take those awkward steps back into good company. You may have work to do and things to tend to, but it isn't the whole of life. It's nice to get another perspective from unexpected sources and that can't be done in a vacuum.


Get your solitude in if necessary, but get out awhile. Shake the dust off those boots and dance a little. Solitude restores, but can become smothering if engaged in for too long.

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