Saturday, June 09, 2018

magical manic

You have too many leaders / you have too many wars, /
all of them pompous and small, / you resist only
when you feel like dressing up

~ Crow Song by Margaret Atwood
With a poof of smoke and a grand flourish, The Magician makes an appearance today. She waves the magic wand. He produces the rabbit out of the hat. And then there are one hundred rabbits that want to be fed. When The Magician leans to the right, she or he is going a little overboard. Many irons are in the fire under the control of only one person, The Magician.

An over-controlling, over-achieving Magician is a force to reckon with. He knows it all. She is the only competent person in the room. The Magician in this state is in no way humble or considerate. If the weather could be controlled, The Magician in this exaggerated state would certainly control it.

If you find yourself feeling a little superior today, it might be a good idea to consider your actions. You may feel what you're doing is for the good of all, but is it really? Do Your Work, help if you can (and if assistance is requested), be considerate of others and Their Work. They may need to do a few things on their own in order to learn about life. And no wave of the magic wand will make it easier for them.

The Magician also speaks to the act of creating. Leaning right indicates a very prolific sort of day. Which is nice. Interesting stuff gets done and, hopefully, it's a thing you enjoy. However, don't forget to attend to the Magical Mundane ~ chop wood, carry water sort of thing. Otherwise, dinner won't be on the table tonight.

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