Friday, May 25, 2018


I got no time for livin' / Yes, I'm workin' all the time
~ Working Man by Rush
Geez! What a card to pull for Friday! Well. There's work to do. Probably with the company of others. The 3 of Earth is no solitary effort. You may have your part to do, but there are others involved and those others might be better suited to their tasks in completing said work. Attempting to do it all, as this right-leaning 3 of Earth suggests, will have you falling short of deadlines. Or if met, with half-assed results at best.


Slow down. Dial it back a bit. Know there are others in your team ready to perform those tasks you're less than brilliant at. I won't say they'll be eager (it is Friday, after all), but you do not, I repeat do not, have to do it all alone. Once the work is done and in good order, kick back and have that beer (or tea). The work is done and it's time for fun!

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