Sunday, May 06, 2018

sweet dreams

Sweet dreams are made of this / Who am I to disagree?
~ Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics
The Moon is leaning hard into Aquarius today. What are you chasing? What airy plans are you attempting? When The Moon is in this exaggerated state, you find yourself ranging off into odd directions ~ places not necessarily helpful. You're eager to go, but things aren't fully formed just yet ~ the road ain't paved, got the cart with no horse. Manifestation becomes a bumpy road at best without a few things in place.

And The Moon marks time, knows cycles. In her waxing and waning we can take steady comfort in knowing when to do a thing. You can't push the tides. The Moon does that. Your job is to sometimes wait. Despite the eagerness.


Where's The Moon today? Almost at the third quarter and waning. We are moving toward darkness. What has fruited is now going toward decay, dissemination. It simply might not be a good time to get things off the ground right now. Wait awhile until the New Moon when a seed can be planted. One that will bear better fruit without half the hassle.

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