Saturday, May 05, 2018

mind the pavement

They paved paradise / Put up a parking lot
~ Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell
Dusting off the soapbox ~ because I don't typically do the soapbox thing. We are into this lusty month of May in my neck of the woods. Trees are burgeoning, bless their roots. Daffodils are blooming as are tulips and muscari and bluebells. Beauty abounds. And if left alone, it'll probably do fine in continuing to be beautiful.

However, we humans have a way of mucking things up by thinking we're smarter than Nature. We think we can improve upon what Nature does organically by modifying or synthesizing or purifying what we feel are the good parts of a thing. Sometimes, that works out just fine. Other times, one wonders what good can really come of our arrogant behavior. Because, Nature works from a sense of wholeness. There's a reason the other stuff is in the mix.

And so in strolls The Devil. The energy of this arcana is one of control, superiority, entitlement. The Devil sets you up with grand ideas and then pulls the rug out from under you, laughing at the prat fall. Pride is a fine thing to cultivate, but arrogance is better left at the door when dealing with Nature. Because, like any mother, She will let you test a few boundaries ~ it's a part of one's growth to do so. Go too far, however, and you'll learn lessons in unexpected ways. The difference between The Devil and Mother Nature is this: She'll stick around after the fall while The Devil hits the road. With your money and time.


Be mindful of your impact on the world today. Be not arrogant or entitled. Let humility be a fine guide. Or deal with The Devil. Your choice.

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