Thursday, May 31, 2018


Life should be fragrant / Roof top to the basement
~ Kite by U2
Our Daughter of Air is hanging back, she is hovering over a thing and considering her strategy of attack. Kiting is a flight skill hawks utilize when hunting ~ holding in place while scanning for prey. This works to their advantage because, if the hawk is lucky, the unsuspecting prey has no clue it's about to become lunch. There is no rustling grass or snapping twig to give the hawk's presence away, insuring success.

Upright, our Daughter of Air is working a plan actively, she is initiating Phase One of whatever and eager to get going. With this left leaning, she is perhaps a bit uncertain. The prey, or goal, isn't exactly in sight or fully formed. So she hangs and waits until the right opportunity presents itself.

And that all works well if one is paying attention, not letting a mind wander too far from the task. Or, worse yet, not acting in a timely manner when that opportunity arises.


Hang back if you need to, but keep an eye on things. It would be a shame to let lunch go.

The Everyday Tarot

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