Friday, April 20, 2018

the slow burn

I declare I don't care no more / I'm burning up and
out and / Growing bored

~ Burnout by Greenday
Our Mother of Fire ain't feelin' it today. She is tired, bedraggled, leaning to the left for a long lie down with tea and Netflix. Bingeing on Lost In Space may be her only plan and goal. Perhaps our Mother of Fire has been doing a little too much lately. She's been keeping the hearth fires ablaze. There's been a lot of cooking and tending or paperwork (which burns quite nicely in the blazing hearth fire, come to think of it). Friends stopping in frequently for tea and chats and commiseration (because she likes to lend an ear when she can) has become too much. And today she has simply had enough.

It's mentioned ad nauseum how busy we all are in this world. That we all run at a breakneck pace to keep up with, well, everything. That busy-ness, sadly, is valued above all else. To the point of burnout. It is in this time, one needs to put a stop to the madness and have that lie down. This is a day for calling on some personal boundaries in order to rest and nurture that inner spark before it's doused completely.


Do the bare minimum. Put away the cell phone. Avoid that pernicious social media (except for this, of course). Find a book you've been meaning to read or plug into some streaming TV. Unless there are true emergencies to tend to today, shut the world out and take a break. Why wait for illness to create an enforced rest? Rest today, care more tomorrow. Replenish yourself so you can better serve others.

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