Friday, April 06, 2018


You tell me that you love me so / You tell me that you care
But when I need you / Baby, you're never there

~ Never There by Cake
Our Daughter of Water is feeling high and dry. She's got expectations, she's got dreams, but they're lost in some malaise or another. It could be she's feeling stood up and unsupported. It could be the Artist's Block or loss of the Inner Child. Rather feeling buoyant and in the flow, she's hit a sand bar. Our Daughter of Water will need to wait out the tide, wait for the waters to rise again so she can sail on.

This might be a day when you feel dried out, bereft of dreams, at a loss. You've run aground and you too will need to wait out the tide. What to do when stranded? Well. We can borrow from Susun Weed, Step 0: Do Nothing. (This isn't Life or Death right now.) Do the simplest of things to tend to self, occupy the hang time, take care of what's in need of being taken care of. Before you know it, the water rises and lifts you off that sandy impediment allowing for the free flow.


Keep it simple today. Do what you can rather than brooding over what can't be done. Try to cultivate solitude over feeling alone. There are gifts in even these stranded moments.

The Everyday Tarot

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