Thursday, April 12, 2018

lost fire

Precious heart, precious seed, precious life conceived
In a ring of fire, in the sleep of peace
Nothing stops desire for the human beat

~ Mosaic by Patti Smith
The Magician has tricks up the sleeve, but they're not being utilized today. Hidden magic is the worst kind because it lies dormant waiting to be known and used. It is potential wasted and lost, it's the missed opportunity, and blind ignorance. Wake up! At least look up your sleeves.

On days when things seem lack luster, you've got to dredge up your own fairy dust and pixie powder, your own magic. It's a tall order, but manageable. As usual, the process begins with Presence. Be where you are today ~ contentment, sorrow, peace, agitation. Try not to look at any present state as good or bad, but as what it is. The one sure thing is, at either end of the spectrum, the situation is transient and changeable. It's a hard job to view the Big Picture when you're in the middle of it, but it's the next part of the magic you can work. Remember that this too shall pass ~ good or bad. Finally, remember you have work to do in this life. You're here for a reason even if that reason is as clear as mud right now. If you're uncertain what to do, try to do the next thing that makes sense, and then the next. It is a mundane sort of magic that will see you through.


Do not despair. A lost fire is never really lost, but just needs to be fed. Find ways to feed your desire, don't squelch it. Fan that ember into a roaring flame and enjoy the warmth.

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