Sunday, April 22, 2018

bring it on

You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache

~ Bringin' On the Heartbreak by Def Leppard
Okay. Let me tell you from the get go, this is not one of my favorite cards. I can deal with Death and The Tower just fine, but the 3 of Air is a whole other thing. And it's these fearful cards one needs to take a step back from. Break it down a little.

Let's start with the numbers, shall we? 3 is typically social, creative, communicative. The Number 3 likes to have fun. With others. What happened here? In this case, perhaps there's been a gathering of grudges and other hurtful thoughts. Perhaps they've been held too long and there's a strong need to communicate those sentiments to the right person, in the right way.

And that's where the Element of Air swoops in. Air is usually assigned that mercurial, mental realm. If you're not careful, it could be all talk with no emotion to support it. Like the apology that falls short of forgiveness. Speaking words with little meaning.

To add to the mix, the 3 of Air is turned to the right, which in this system means the energies are exaggerated, forced, blown out of proportion. This is where, sometimes, Tarot might be helpful. A card could bring one's awareness to a certain behavior, the usual way of handling situations. This gives one an opportunity to take a different approach. If you normally shout out and spew whatever is on your mind, not caring who hears what or how it's said, it might be a good day to take a moment and listen first. If you're one to hold the words, anger, tears, whatever, it might be better to express those feelings without fear or recrimination. Either way, it's a bold step.

The 3 of Air requires work. Which is an awful lot to ask on a fine Sunday. With a little care and attention I'm fairly certain we'll all get through today unscathed.

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