Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Comin' straight on for you, you made my mind
Now I'm stronger, now I'm comin' through
Straight on, straight on for you

~ Straight On by Heart
Although this says we're still in a Mercury retrograde phase, there are things on the move. And because there's still a little Mercurial activity going on, it'll probably come in sideways, but hot.

Thanks to the internet, letters aren't a thing we wait for anymore. However, the immediacy of e-mail can not be understated. It's taken a long time, but I've learned to let e-mails sit if unsure of the context and meaning. Often visual and tonal cues are missing from those pixelated words. The quick response to an initial read on an e-mail can be a problem. Add the 8 of Fire's notion of speed and those problems escalate to ridiculous proportions.


It's rare I make this reference, but if certain messages are coming at you quickly, if some are flying in awkwardly, if there are unkind words or there's some question of meaning in what's being read use the now-ubiquitous RE- with regard to a Mercury retrograde time frame. Re-read, re-think, re-assess . . . you get the idea. Even though the energies of the 8 of Fire are coming at you, taking a moment to handle them effectively will avoid a host of complications. And there's nothing wrong with letting an e-mail sit a day or two before responding.

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