Friday, March 23, 2018

big grey cloud

Mother, make me / Make me a big grey cloud /
So I can rain on you things I can't say out loud

~ Mother by Florence and the Machine
Our Mother of Water is in an odd funk. Usually, she is deep and compassionate, listening, lending a shoulder, holding for those that need to be held. Today, however, she comes to us holding perhaps too much. It may be a day that needs handling with kid gloves. There are times when our Mother of Water simply feels too much, too deeply and those feelings become an ocean to navigate. You may be feeling adrift and lost. Tears may well up unprovoked, the memory of a thing may engulf your thoughts more than it should.

It is these times our Mother of Water needs to find a good friend to be with so that she can wade through things that can't be said out loud or, possibly, even defined. As she is Water, she flows from one place to another. Water fits the form it is in ~ an ocean, a river, a creek, a puddle, a cup. The larger the container, the more is felt. If feeling overwhelmed, it might be a good day to grab that cup to gain a little control over the situation. If you've been feeling a thirst for more, then it's time to open that channel, the river, the ocean, and let yourself feel deeply. Our Mother of Water is the queen of cleansing, washing away the debris. Let her do her work and you might feel the better for it. That might include a good cry, by the way.


Find an outlet, a safe one, for your emotions today. Write it out in a journal if that's your gig. Take simple Where I Stand photos with your cellular unit throughout the day (a fine way to stay present). Don't let what can't be said prevent expression in other ways. You know your best medium. Our Mother of Water does not want to see you stagnate. Be in the flow of things.

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