Friday, February 23, 2018

what Queen says on the B Side

Don't let go / Don't lose your mystique / Wait a little longer
Tomorrow brings another feast

~ Hang On In There by Queen
So. Yes. The Hanged One. Well, there's a strong indication that perhaps we're in limbo today. There aren't very many options available except to do as suggested: hang on in there.

See, with The Hanged One, you're in an enforced Pause, on hold, waiting. The good thing about this particular status is that you now have time to perhaps take another look at the Plan, whatever that plan may be. The Hanged One allows you to see life in another perspective ~ possibly one that reverses the situation entirely. It's not flip flopping. It's seeing another angle, it's calling in things at the periphery and bringing them front and center for scrutiny and speculation.

Make good use of the hang time. Let yourself be in this limbo. Put off big decisions for today if possible. Do as little as possible as well, except for the simplest of tasks ~ setting things in order, clearing a cluttered desk, planning an easy meal (that includes ordering out for pizza). As this card is only for today, know that your hang time won't last much past midnight tonight. So there's a thing, right?

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