Monday, February 19, 2018

new prayers

And therefore why pray to permanence, why not pray
to impermanence, to change, to -- whatever comes next.
Willingness is next to godliness.

~ Now Are The Rough Things Smooth by Mary Oliver
Usually the 10 of Earth speaks of a permanent stability. The house is in order, the family is doing well. People and things are in their places and this can be counted on. It feels safe. It feels contained.

It can also feel stifling.

The beauty of having a stable foundation is it's a safe place to move from. You know it's there, waiting for you if necessary. The family is there to support you and your decisions. And they are there if things don't go so well. Even base jumping seeks a stable base.

It may be expected of or by you that things stay the same, that certain traditions are upheld, certain practices to be done the way they've been done since forever. Life, however, tosses the curve ball and you need to be able to adjust. As long as you have your basic foundations in place, your support system, you will be able to manage the bit of impermanence.


Lighten up a little, play. Know you're standing in good company, people you've known and have come to count on. It is in this safe haven you can pray to whatever comes next.

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