Saturday, February 03, 2018


Something wonderful is about to happen
I feel perfectly ready don't know yet what it is
I will look here inside this disco, this is so hot hot
We melt together like tigers and we are dancing together

~ Blue-Eyed Pop by The Sugarcubes
The High Priestess joins us today, along with the Firefly from this deck. Typically, The High Priestess is still, silent, meditative. She waits. Patiently. However, coupled with a thing as ephemeral and fleeting as a firefly, she needs to be on the hop. If only just a little.

Even movement requires right timing. Think of jumping rope ~ Double Dutch especially. A jumper's body is alert yet calm, feeling the beat of the ropes hitting the ground, and then she jumps right in. Just like that. Poetry in motion, really.

Today might be like that. You may find yourself waiting for the right moment to jump in. Don't wait too long, though. Like the firefly, the moment might fly on by. So pay attention, feel the beat, then jump in. Just like that.

The Everyday Tarot

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