Sunday, January 21, 2018


I can see them talking but I only hear the voices in
my head. Waiting for the moment they'll be calling to me.

~ Siren, theme from Home Fires by Samuel Sim
Hear them? Those voices? It may not seem like they are yours, but they are. They are voices of criticism and fears and doubts and worries all likely adopted from other folks, well-meaning or otherwise. As a result, these voices of yours cause all manner of distress and consternation, in constant conflict. You may feel paralyzed, frozen into place and unable to make any decision, let alone sensible ones.

It is in these moments it's easy to forget to breathe. However, that is exactly a good place to start. (Because, if you think on it, the Element here is Air.) Take one good breath in and then exhale deeply, like a sigh. There. That wasn't so bad, was it? That, my friends, is a thing one can do without too much thinking. By the way, it would be the next best thing to do: stop thinking. Or rather, recognize the over-thinking and then redirect those thoughts because you can never really stop thinking. Are you still with me?


The point is, only you can manage these criticisms, fear, doubts, and worries. They're adopted from odd various places ~ memories, experiences, events, mental ramblings of what-if's. They are the ugly, dysfunctional, ill-formed children who need to be embraced, understood, and transformed. Find help and healthy coping methods as needed, but ultimately the job is still yours for today.

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