Saturday, January 06, 2018

the river

Sixteen candles there on my wall
And here am I, the biggest fool of them all

~ Take Me To the River by Talking Heads
Are you drowning in too many choices, keeping your head above decisions yet to be made? The 7 of Water is a state of overwhelm, a word that has become a noun over the years. Overwhelm is a thing we bump up against when it's all just too much. You get to define it.

I'll hazard a guess that this particular overwhelm is emotional in nature, because, y'know, Water. It's likely there is some emotional attachment to the choices before you. You simply can't decide because they all look so good and you want them all. Or bad and want none of them. Sorry, kitten. A choice must be made in order to keep your head above these waters.


Sit with it a little longer, whatever it is, but do make the best decision possible under the circumstances. It will not be easy, thanks to the emotional attachment, but once that choice is made, it could be smooth sailing the rest of the day. It's when you shirk that decision-making duty that the river will carry you into the rapids with a chuckle. Hang back. Be cool. Take the tiller. You're the captain so it's up to you to sail this boat.

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