Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Scorpio rules

Please be a sexaholic
~ Princes Familiar by Alanis Morrisette
There is an odd and ancient connection between Sex and Death. It is a mystery why the connection exists. La petite mort. A brief loss of consciousness, blacking out, the small death. A thing we do everyday in one way or another. Each death a release and a new beginning, each choice a death to one way and an opening to another.

I regret to inform you this will all sound like drivel, pulling at straws, but you know I'm not entirely from left field here.

The thing with Scorpio and Death is they know you'll come back. Every loss suffered is an opportunity to bounce back with a little more awareness and wisdom. This is a card for today so let's not get unhinged on the Big Karma thing of Death and Rebirth. It's likely to be a day of small deaths and rebirths. It may be a day of letting a few things go to make room for something better. There may be an opportunity of growth through giving up. Or, maybe, just maybe, there's time for some sex. Scorpio is no fool.


Let Death be what it's going to be. Let go, lose, give up. In all these actions know something will be gained ~ clarity, peace of mind, maybe an orgasm or two.

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