Monday, January 08, 2018


Patience comes to the bones before it takes root in
the heart as another good idea.

~ Patience by Mary Oliver
Strength comes to us today in the form of patience. Which is another good idea as mentioned by Ms. Oliver. It's a good idea because plans are shifting in other directions. It's a good idea because people in your life aren't behaving as they usually do (which, actually, might be okay). It's a good idea because there is work ahead and it isn't all going to be done in one day. Even if this card only speaks to today.

Patience requires paying attention and listening and responding (not reacting). It requires a slow, steady step, direct eye contact, and a soothing voice in order to relate to the beast that is Turmoil, Trouble, Tension. Flinch or look away and that beast will either fight or take flight. And you really don't want it to go away. It's a necessary thing, this beast. It is here to fortify your courage and integrity. It shouldn't be caged either. As that only creates more tension.

Better to circle with this challenge for today in a state of patience, of wait-and-see, and respond with gentleness as it comes around. Reach out and touch it, let it know its value in this moment, that you are here to help each other rise. It's not necessary to tame the beast, but it is necessary to become friends with it.


As mentioned, be patient. Be patient with the late train, the slow server, the tantrum that can't be quelled all too easily. Lose it and all will be lost for today.

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