Friday, January 05, 2018

her small wild prince

wherever the white moon fancies her small wild prince --
field after field after field

~ Harvest Moon -- The Mockingbird Sings in the Night
by Mary Oliver
The Moon is calling for a little adventure today. You needn't go far. A meditation, a nap time dream, a day dream ~ these are all you'll need. You can pack light. You can dress anyway you like (better to journey in comfort rather than preparedness ~ Mt. Everest can be scaled in jammies just fine). Let your imagination carry you places known and unknown. Bring back gifts and visions and words. Put them to paper or canvas or digital image as an Adventure Manifestation. Been there done that and you can go again, anytime you like. You've got proof.

Not that proof is necessary, of course. It's your adventure.

The thing is to let your mind wander awhile. Let it slide by the routine and side-step the grind. Ride some moonbeams with no destination, walk the magical mangata on the waves to Nowhere. When you get back, you'll have sweet stories to share. Or not. They can be all yours to savor for later.

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