Wednesday, January 03, 2018

deep solitude

While I was thinking this I happened to be standing
just outside my door, with notebook open,
which is the way I begin every morning.

~ I Happened to Be Standing by Mary Oliver
What does your soul need today? Could there be a need to retreat from the cacophony of the world? The Hermit will guide you to that peaceful place, a space of solitude. A space fertile with possibilities in Nothingness. It helps to be comfortable with being alone and doing Nothing.

I may have mentioned it takes a lot of work to do Nothing. To stand, right where you are, and simply Be, letting the world have its way with itself. To not intercede or fix or clean up the mess. That simply is not your job today. It is your job to do Nothing.

Distractions like Netflix or internet surfing or sorting buttons is fine, but wouldn't it be nice to immerse yourself in some creative endeavor? It doesn't have to be art or a novel. Crayons on craft paper, a pen and an old half-used composition notebook, listening intently to some Classical music (which might include Hendrix) . . . simple, accessible bits of creativity done alone and without distraction.


Build your blanket fort and retreat with a flashlight and a favorite book. Don't forget the tea. And maybe some good chocolate. Let the world outside swirl about. You need this today. Make space and time for it ~ even if only for a few minutes.

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