Wednesday, January 31, 2018

blue moon musings

Sit beside a mountain stream
See her waters rise
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies

~ Mother Nature's Son (or Daughter)
by Lennon and Mccartney
Oh, go outside, would you? Forget the weather, forget the precipitation, forget the mud or snow ~ just go. Listen to the ambient sounds regardless of the environment. Where you stand is the "nature" of your place. See things as if for the first time, even if you've passed by them a million times. Sing out loud and ignore the reactions of the crowd. Who knows. Maybe they'll sing along.

Our Daughter of Water rides on the currents of deep connection. She trusts the flow of things. She is joyful in it. Our Daughter wants to see you enjoying life, she wants to see you make stuff ~ even if it's just dinner. Prepare that meal, no matter how simple, as if it is sacred food for the gods. Are crayons the only art supply you've got? Break 'em out, sweet pea! Draw anything without agenda or concern. Create for the sake of creating.

What do Nature and Creation have to do with each other? They work together, they inform each other, they are symbiotic. And our Daughter of Water stands at the interstices, feeling the currents of both and moving along gently.


Find yourself some nature to be in. Be in the flow of things. Sense your way through the day using your whole being. Sketch, write, sing, dance, bake ~ make something, create. You are a child of the Universe and the Universe is waiting for you to sing.

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