Sunday, November 25, 2018


Let me keep my mind on what matters,
Which is my work,
Which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.

~ The Messenger by Mary Oliver
The Hierophant spends her time steeped in tradition, the inner workings of culture, the places of learning. She is often misunderstood as a being of hierarchy, dispensing knowledge and knowing to those worthy of receiving it. Sometimes, it makes sense to get your knowing in digestible portions. Can you imagine getting the Knowing of All in one go? A bit much to swallow. Instead of focusing on The Hieorphant's lofty position, step up and recognize her in another way ~ as one's inner guidance or teacher. I've an idea all humans possess such a being within themselves. Attention and a desire to understand one's self are the only requirements.

So. Stand still a moment. And listen.

In The Polestar Oracle, the little green leaves in the East have my attention today. Think of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. Remember the simple energies of trees, that they are sleeping, but still speak of winter dreams. The lessons are many as there is more than one leaf. They don't all need to be integrated at once, but taken in over time. Which requires you spend time, listening and learning.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Friday, November 16, 2018


And every shipwrecked soul knows what it is
To live without intimacy

~ Every Breaking Wave by U2
The 2 of Air is trying desperately to detach, step back, think. The number 2 doesn't create very good boundaries because it's one or the other. On rare occasions, both. In our four-dimensional space, 2's tend to fall flat in the area of protective space. The only safety is to sit with What Is and let a solution present itself. This means finding time and space to be alone ~ not so much to think, but ponder. Or not think at all. Instead, take this time to feel into the empty spaces letting them be an internal oracle.

The malachite egg and green plant in the North has my attention in the Polestar Oracle. North holds the element of Earth, that place of grounding, crystals, material manifestation. Malachite is a green, heart-centered stone giving courage and breaking through those barriers that keep one from feeling or expressing emotions. The tiny seedling plant might be an indication to let those roots find purchase in a rocky situation. Sit with it. Let there be a lesson learned rather than escaped. The 2 of Air doesn't dodge bullets.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Friday, November 02, 2018

look up

Don't make a shadow you yourself
Always shutting out the light
Caught in your own creation

~ Third Eye by Florence + The Machine
Today's right leaning Temperance is out of balance yet seeking desperately to be in balance. This sort of striving puts one off-kilter and scrambling for an integrated state yields no relief.

Temperance works best in clear-minded sobriety, not the mania of manipulation, of making things work when they won't. As the pure alchemist she is, if a thing ain't working, Temperance lifts her wings and moves on to find the right elements which will work. In The Everyday Tarot, the Temperance angel is covering all the sectioned images. She holds all the elements involved; Air, Fire, Water, Earth. She has eyes in her wings and so has more sight than most. But Temperance here today needs to remember to look up. She's become too mired in the work of Her Work, forgetting that connection, integration, is part of The Work. Temperance knows what integration looks like, but isn't embodying it very well today.

And that, my friends, is the business of integration. Embodying all your many elements and facets, being who you are and doing your work, without struggle and contortion.

With the green leaf in the East on The Polestar Oracle, I'm thinking it might be a good day for a fresh start. Set aside the manic desire for balance, find the elements of the environment you're in, and work with what's available (but not too hard). The funny thing about striving for balance is how the striving won't get you there. The moment you stop trying so hard is when the state of equanimity finds you.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween and The Hermit

I put a spell on you / Because you're mine
~ I Put a Spell On You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Tongue in cheek, the spell The Hermit puts on you is one of delicious solitude. Bare bones solitude. Just you and your shadow solitude (take that anyway you like, my friend). I'm dead tired of hearing about the thinning of the the Veil. I despise plastic Halloween decorations and the adding of xmas lights to a night once reserved for candles lit in hollowed-out turnips. I no longer have children to cart around the neighborhood in over-priced costumes getting ridiculous amounts of unnecessary candy. That rant put out there, I'm set up for a lovely evening by the fire pit shooting the shit with a few Ancestors. Besides, archaeoastronomically speaking, Samhain ain't tonight. It's November seventh (in my neck of the woods at least). Blessedly, this bare bones time is not a one-night affair.

The Hermit wants to hear her own thoughts or nothing in particular. She wants to wander the desert in search of bones and painted mountains and open sky. She wants to be lost in her own creativity, daubed with paint, standing in awe, almost forgetting to eat. She certainly isn't going to stop and cook dinner for anyone else.

The Polestar Oracle has a bony-looking leaf in the West. That direction holds the element of Water and emotions, as well as intuition, merging, tears. The leaf's shape reminds me of ribs, that container of the Heart. There may be a heartfelt submerging of Self into deep waters, a replenishing of one's Source and connection. That's not likely to occur on a sidewalk in a raucously decorated neighborhood collecting candy. Better to find a quiet place with close family or alone. Let there be a flame, either by candle or fire pit. Let there be silent consideration for the time of year. Let there be time well spent with your Ancestors. You can not hear them with the Halloween noise, but you might hear them in the sizzle of the wick or the crackle of the wood.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle 

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Oh, the queen of peace / Always does her best to please /
Is it any use / Somebody's gotta lose

~ Queen of Peace by Florence + The Machine
It's time to take a step back from the madness today. The 6 of Air offers another perspective, one removed from the situation, an overview. Which, if one has been mired in a thing for too long, is a necessary step. The 6 of Air is clarity and peace of mind that comes with detachment; the number 6 being a harmonious number and Air being a mental sort of element.

It could mean you literally go somewhere else for a little while, to gather your thoughts. Small journeys that distract, offer detours, sometimes yield interesting insights that might help with the matter at hand. Otherwise, the other option is the metaphorical journey ~ read a book, get lost in Netflix, make some art or dinner. Hammering away at an issue simply causes mental strain and overall exhaustion. Let yourself have this rest today.

In the Polestar Oracle, I'm drawn to the mugwort leaf in the East. Mugwort is often associated with protection, dreaming, and divination along with a host of other correspondences. In my area, the weed is ubiquitous and readily accessible, which means whatever I need is not all that far from me. Stepping away doesn't always mean abandonment. All that is necessary to get through a crazy situation is often available and closer than one thinks. Let your mind air out and make room for new ideas and thoughts to fly in. A solution my present itself sooner in a relaxed mind.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Friday, October 19, 2018


There's a long line of cars and they're trying to get through
There's no single explanation, there's no central destination

~ Long Line of Cars by Cake
Really, there's no greater testament to the energies of the 7 of Earth than vehicular traffic (which, hopefully, never leads to vehicular manslaughter). Patience is the buzz word for this card. Sure, you've got places to go and you're on the road, but so is everyone else. And you gotta share the road ~ with other cars, with semi's, with bicycles and motorcycles, and, occasionally, the odd pedestrian or two. This shared environment requires vigilance and attention. It requires wisdom and, yes, a pinch of compassion. Because we've dealt with the idiot driver and have been the idiot driver.

It's a hard spiritual tack, but sitting in traffic means utilizing that little koan about the journey being more important than the destination. Turn up the music and sing along. Listen to an audiobook. Get lost in the dulcet tones of AM talk radio. Or turn everything off and soak in the environment as is (which makes for an interesting spiritual practice).

My attention is drawn to the echinacea bloom in the South, sitting with a fine quartz crystal. As mentioned, you're not the only one on the road. You're in a community of other drivers. Getting from A to B means everyone is driving under the same conditions and laws in that moment, sharing the same route either the whole trip or for only a few minutes. They also must be patient with the same conditions. I've an idea echinacea, an immunity-boosting bloom, speaks to the healing of a situation utilizing patience and compassion. Even on the road. Even in a traffic jam. At some point, the light changes and everyone gets to move ahead.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Thursday, October 11, 2018

regaining balance

It's a different kind of danger
And my feet are spinning around
Never knew I was a dancer
'Til Delilah showed me how

~ Delilah by Florence + the Machine
When the 8 of Water is upright it indicates a move away from some situation in life. One is usually ready to move on because the work is done, some goal has been achieved, and now it is time to search for some deeper meaning. The present position has other insights.

This might be a day of some lost meandering, vagueness, floundering. The number 8 is tied with karmic work. It is finding the stillpoint of either extreme and working from that point. The very act of walking is losing and regaining balance repeatedly yet still progressing in one's direction. From a certain age on, many humans have that act down. Barring any tragic occurrences, we manage that balancing act well into those golden years.

If no solid decision can be made today (and if there is no urgency), it may simply be a good idea to step away from the matter and regroup. Gather your emotions and settle your mind.

In the Polestar Oracle, I'm drawn to the triangular shard at the feet. (Think of the image as the human body; head, arms, feet.) If it were standing, the shard would be balancing on the apex instead of utilizing that sturdy base above it. And so again, finding some equilibrium will be the task at hand. Take one step at a time.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Saturday, October 06, 2018


When I look out my window / Many sights to see
When I look in my window / So many different people to be

~ Season of the Witch by Donovan
The Devil requires some diligence. There's a bubbling 'neath the surface, an undefinable sense that things aren't as they seem. The Devil loves these sorts of odd places ~ anxiety, indecision, apathy. Where you're frozen in place is where The Devil laughs and delights, spurring on those feelings of dread and gloom.

However, The Devil is leaning left today and that could work in your favor. It's not quite Samhain or Halloween just yet, but the effective use of costume could work in your favor. It might be helpful to take on another persona to duck The Devil and escape your personal doom. If you are normally a quiet, unassuming person of a malleable demeanor try on the costume of someone more wild with sharply defined edges. If you're typically brash and defiant, tone it down a bit and listen. Carefully. Because The Devil works in your perceptions of The Absolutes. This absolutely has to be done this way. We absolutely need to get this in order to have that. This is the path to absolute success. Then the environment of possibilities dries up and it all gets too serious.

Well, The Devil isn't paying much attention; taking a nap, in fact. Now is the chance to act differently and change your course.

The broken crystal in the Center has my attention here today. It gives a sense of trying to go two different directions simultaneously. And that just doesn't work. The strong pull to go in different directions either breaks you apart or, more than likely, keeps you where you are ~ frozen, paralyzed, and also broken. Making a solid decision also goes along way toward keeping The Devil at bay.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Tuesday, October 02, 2018


She gets down on her knees and hugs me
And she loves me like a rock

~ Loves Me Like a Rock by Paul Simon
What do you need today? Our Mother of Earth can provide. Because that's her gig. Need food? Send her the list, she'll make sure your kitchen is stocked. (Actually, you'll just go shopping, but bear with me here.) Are things looking a little run-down around the home or workplace? She'll get busy sorting things out and sprucing up ~ that includes getting rid of the garbage. Maybe you need a sympathetic ear and, well, a hug. Our Mother of Earth has that all covered too.

As a self-assured grounded person, it is her task to spread that energy to those who need it. Our Mother of Earth is the go-to in times of overwhelm and uncertainty. I mean, those things will still be there. They don't go away simply because they're being ignored. However, you might feel better able to deal with the situation when she is at your side.

In The Polestar Oracle, I'm drawn to the fork the two twigs create in the North. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind with most forks is the ubiquitous Fork In the Road. No reason to discount that first inkling. It could be you are standing in the middle of a decision. Do you go this way? Or that? Aspects associated with North are the element of Earth, winter, midnight, silence, grounding. Stand where you are for the moment, be comfortable with not knowing for now. The Earth element is not typically a hasty one. I've an idea no decision needs to be made in this moment. Waiting to see what unfolds is also what our Mother of Earth does.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Saturday, September 29, 2018


I was a wing in heaven blue
~ Wing by Patti Smith
Temperance is usually associated with sobriety, that keeping together of disparate things, maintaining equilibrium. Temperance also sings of Alchemy, that bringing together of said disparate things and making something new, golden, divine. And those correspondences still apply to today's reading.

However, what I'm honing in on are the wings found in the Tarot image and in the oracle. Those maple seed wings in the North, in fact.

Sometimes, when musing on the Tarot, the prescribed meaning carries little weight ~ the imagery is everything. In today's reading, wing seems to be the thing.


Let's consider: What does wing mean me? Or you? Roll the associations about in your mind and you've got an idea how the day is going to fly. For me, wings are, of course, flight. Wings can raise one up to the sun. Just not too close, Icarus. Birds are messengers of the Gods. Wings can be found on angels. And dragons. Wings can also be wrapped around a body in an embrace making a hug all the more sweet.

Let today's wings raise you out of the doldrums or simply ride the thermals if not down so low.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Six o'clock, TV hour, don't get caught in a foreign tower
Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn

~ It's the End of the World as We Know It by R.E.M.
One tries to find some sense of comfort seeing The Tower, that dreaded card, in reverse. It's upside down. Can't be that bad, right? Well, on the whole, that could be true. On the other hand, as an arcana of sudden realization, one could simply be dodging the inevitable. Change is in the air, there are shifts and stirrings. It would be best to give attention to these occurrences rather than ignore them.

The Tower, in its upright position, indicates an unexpected shift, an electric shock of realization that changes one forever. Sometimes, those realizations are rather like the V-8 commercials. You scurry off to the store to get some. Other realizations, of course, may be more serious. Then you simply have to roll with the punches, buttercup.

In reverse, perhaps one sees the danger, but hides under a blanket and ignores the situation. As Wile E Coyote knows, pulling the shade down does little to thwart disaster. Now is a good time to remember the perspective: This is a card just for today. It will be helpful to be aware of what's going on and see what can be done to remedy the situation or, at least, prepare for it. May it only be a V-8 moment.

What has my attention in The Polestar Oracle is the crystal (looking Tower-like) resting on the feather in the North. A tower resting on air doesn't have much support. That hint brings me to the ubiquitous Be Present and Stay Grounded suggestion generally posted here.

The Tower, whether upright or reversed, isn't the worst thing in the world. Ignoring danger or being reckless might be. So, take care, but don't hide from the world. It's just changing. Like it does.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Today I'm flying low and I'm not saying a word.
I'm letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep.

~ Today by Mary Oliver

Our Mother of Air is indeed flying low today. She is seeking silence and solitude. He is withdrawn and eager for some peace of mind. The world feels like a cacophony of words and thoughts and opinions ~ each one stings and bruises. With our Mother of Air leaning left, a break from the noise is necessary.

Which makes this posting rather short and sweet. There really isn’t much to say. In fact, it is better to say nothing, keep one’s peace, and move on.

The triangular shard and feather in the East have my attention today. Start over, begin again, but with lighter intentions. Let the new beginning be an inquiry, a question to settle into rather than seeking to know. Make it a point (pun intended) to move away from the distractions. Sometimes, questions require silence.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

this old house

Not gold but only men can make
A people great and strong

~ A Nation's Strength by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Our Father of Earth is ready to work. He is carefully assessing the situation and preparing the work space. She is totaling the estimate and gathering the tools. Because work can't be done unless certain items are in place. Even the building of a foundation needs a foundation, some good ground to stand on. Not too sandy or too wet. Bedrock is a fine thing to build on, but requires more work. All of which also requires a certain flexibility.

If one is working with an old house, one must gird loins for the inevitable surprises ~ rotting sills, electrical wires leading to nothing in particular, plumbing pipes that can be carbon dated. Our Father of Earth is just the person to hire. He is steady and reliable. She is knowledgeable and, most importantly, calm. Renovations are a daunting task.

Of course, this is all metaphorical. Translate the above into your task of choice today. Gather your necessary tools, rally your good senses, and, above all else, keep calm.

The fruitfulness in the East has my attention today. Along with the berries is an amethyst cluster. These items here speak of coming to fullness with a calm center. A bit of an oxymoron to have an ending in a beginning. However, knowing there is a reward to be reaped keeps an eye on the prize, keeps one's head in the work rather than living in dreams (another thing the East is known for). A methodical approach to finishing a task is needed here.


Do your Work today. Plan accordingly, but be flexible. The rewards are yours, but they will benefit everyone ~ keep that in mind.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Sunday, September 16, 2018

mad love

I don't want to wonder if this is a blunder
I don't want worry whether we're going to stay together
till we die

~ Love You Madly by Cake
The Lovers leaning right is raring to go. Not sure where, but that will be worked out later, apparently. This arcana is often associated with Big Love ~ love that rocks the ages, huge universal love. We humans mostly focus on the relationship aspects of The Lovers card, but as this is a Major Arcana, there is so much more than marriage involved.

The great power of Choice is also associated with The Lovers. Because, if you think on it, when one true love has been found, it means all others fall away and a choice has been made. This is true for polyamorous arrangements as well. (Out of the millions of people one has chosen, oh, let's say, three. That still leaves quite a few that didn't make the grade.) The card, however, is leaning right and so things are exaggerated.

Are there options being forced on you today? Are you pushing for certain things too soon? Too late? There's a feel of racing to the Finish Line without any real clue as to why the rush is on. Rein it in a bit, mate. Or you're going to crash.

Which brings me to the little fellow hanging out on the Dogtooth calcite in the South. Ant is usually associated with patience, taking some time to do things right rather than rushing head on. And since Ant is hanging out in the South, that place of communal fires, it's a fair indication one might want to pace themselves in the company of others. Don't rush to make a judgement, avoid hasty decisions, and try to keep your foot well away from your mouth. This might be a day when it's better to let certain events unfold. Wait a little while to see what happens before jumping into the fray. The waiting will go a long way toward making the better choice.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Sunday, September 09, 2018


We are stardust, we are golden
We are billion year old carbon
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden

~ Woodstock by Joni Mitchell
The 9 of Earth is usually a young woman enjoying the comforts and ease of her work. The 9 of Earth is the Horn of Plenty for he who has sown effectively. With this exaggerated energy (leaning to the right), there is a strong desire to get back to that place. Because something isn't sitting well right now. It could be the change of season ~ summer to autumn for us Northern folks ~ a desire to stretch those balmy days into winter in some way. But that is not possible and we simply must move with the seasons because that's just how life goes.

The desire to be somewhere or sometime else usually reflects a sense of being ungrounded, rootless. Being present is usually the best remedy. Giving attention to where one is in this moment makes it easier to respond. There's no room for woulda-coulda-shoulda here.

In the Polestar Oracle, I'm noticing that edge of rock looming in the North. It looks as if that blue stone and the diamond-shaped stone are either headed for it or it's bearing down upon them. I feel like this blue stone is the Third Eye, that extra bit of sight we humans have, and it is being obscured by something large and heavy. Which creates a desire to step aside, get back to the good times, find ease again in the garden. The diamond-shaped stone could be a portal and the only way out is through. Going through a thing, once again, means being present and aware of events in the moment of their unfolding, thus being better able to respond. It means paying attention rather than running away.


Reflect on those good times, reflect on all the good work you've done and how it's benefited others as well as yourself, but there is other work to do here and now. It requires you to be firmly grounded where you are and using those resources you have rather than running off to the next best thing.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Thursday, September 06, 2018


Waiting on this for awhile now
Paying my dues in the dirt
I've been waiting to smile

~ On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
The World comes bouncing in on an easy tune. Because all is right with The World today. The image is one of ease and completeness, wholeness. Often, we have gone through a series of events and obstacles to reach this point. Getting here feels glorious! And that should be celebrated. However . . .

In this moment is also a new beginning and we now stand on the fulcrum of another journey. We are The Fool again stepping onto a new path, filled with other challenges and pitfalls. We go around again. Hopefully, a little wiser from the last journey.

And so what has my attention in the Polestar Oracle this morning is the egg in the South. It goes rather nicely with the egg being held in The World's image. Found here resting in the South, the egg could mean finding potential in community and such communal endeavors. It is a world within worlds, the egg is ~ complete, bound, a seed, a spark of life beginning. There are no guarantees of how things will turn out. Again. But that's the point of the Journey, isn't it? The World holds the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's how we approach these things that makes all the difference, well, in the world.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Tuesday, September 04, 2018


I watched the strawberry fields
Dry up and wither away

~ Hypocrite by Cage the Elephant
Summer's end has come and autumn is creeping in. Little wonder few are feelin' the love today. Folks return to their daily grinds and work-a-day schedules. Some youths are starting school. But summer is tired, people. The blooms have bloomed, the fruit has fruited, and it is simply time to root in. Some of the Work is work and some of it rest.

Why bother mentioning this with a left-leaning 2 of Water? Perhaps there's a sort of pulling back, the flow isn't feeling so even ~ either it's been too much or it's been too little. (Hello, Goldilocks.) In this portion of the world, the days are getting shorter. The long cicada-song days of summer recede into the darkness of a quiet winter. It's felt in how we greet the day with morning a little darker than usual. The tired 2 of Water doesn't mean we love any less, it's just not showering the world with that love. Meeting and greeting are put aside for some alone time and contemplation.

Sometimes love is letting a thing go. Which is how the frayed birch bark in the West speaks today in the Polestar Oracle. Perhaps we feel frayed, dried out. Perhaps we're at some creative impasse that requires Doing Nothing for awhile. Perhaps we need to crawl out of some tired, dry husk of self to grow. Which means we might be feeling raw, tender, and vulnerable. Extra care might be taken in relating to others and calling boundaries on how they relate to you.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Friday, August 31, 2018

sing it with me

When I'm drivin' in my car, and some man come on the radio
He's tellin' me more and more about some
useless information
Supposed to fire my imagination

~ Satisfaction by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger
*sigh* Okay. Here goes. Today's 4 of Water isn't very promising. In this image we are being offered another cup, slightly different from the other cups sitting on the table. However, because we've perhaps seen enough of the same ol' same ol', we don't trust this new cuppa being offered. How different can it possibly be? It still holds the beverage of our choice. What does it matter?

And that, my friends, is the issue with the 4 of Water. Apathy, feeling jaded, tired of the same crap, the SSDD attitude. However, along with this cup, this different cup, is an opportunity for growth (note the strategically-placed ivy leaf). And it might be a good idea to accept the opportunity. Some meanings for Ivy, can be found here, but have fun searching more.

In the today's Polestar Oracle, I'm noticing the blood-red stone and cluster of dried hydrangea in the East. Well, East is generally that place of inspiration, fresh starts, new beginnings. Dried hydrangea isn't very promising, but the blood-red stone might indicate some deep energetic work coming to the surface. And maybe, just maybe, taking on a new opportunity will yield satisfying results ~ even if that opportunity appears to be the same as all the others that didn't work out so well. For fun, meanings of hydrangea can be found here. It might give a clue as to how your opportunity might come wrapped up in.


Don't be so quick to turn down something. It might, on the surface, look and sound like the same useless information, but spend time investigating just a little further. This one might actually work. The other cure for apathy is gratitude. It's a fine practice when everything seems less than satisfying.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Tarot

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

darker than usual

Aren't there enough words in your veins to keep you going?
~ The Shadow Voice by Margaret Atwood
Our Mother of Fire isn't feeling The Spark. She is, in fact, feeling squelched, dampened, uninspired. It is these times when her warm spirit feels more like a bitter coldness. She may be caustic and sarcastic. She will most certainly want to be left alone like Demeter, depressed and hiding in a cave while Baubo, lifting her skirts, coaxes her out. Because bitter coldness is a fair sign one's sense of humor has hit the highway.

There is a red leaf in the North on the Polestar Oracle today. Perhaps our Mother of Fire could use some grounded fire. North is usually the direction that speaks of good solid things ~ earth, foundation, security, reliability. Red is an energetic color. It could be anger that needs to be expressed, grounded in the moment rather than simmering in the background. It could be the need to manifest a thing ~ writing, art, clean dishes. It is a matter of grounding and directing the spark, channeling it in a useful way. (Because, sometimes, fire is kin to electricity.) In either instance, our Mother of Fire needs to tend her own fires today rather than stoking the fires of others (which, on a good day, she does quite well).


If you are feeling out of sorts, today might be good for tending to self. Find your sense of humor again (lest Baubo come to your door). It might feel better to hide away and be alone, but good company will often shake the doldrums.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Friday, August 24, 2018

lighten up

Don't let the sound of your own wheels
Drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can

~ Take It Easy by Eagles
Our Son of Air is in an ill-dignified position. He usually charges ahead, thoughts and ideas moving a mile a minute, eager to accomplish every task put before him. (Or her ~ Court cards aren't always gender specific. It's the energy that counts.) Today, however, our Son of Air is being forced to slow down and hang back a little. Which drives this type of person a little crazy.

However, slowing down and, yes, taking it easy is the rule of the day with this reversed Son. Charging ahead won't get much done except doubling back and starting over again. Get it right the first time by making an assessment before moving ahead and even then, wait a bit. It's likely there's more information coming.

The Polestar Oracle shows a nondescript item in the East, a gray bit of bark lost in the background of rock. It might be a good idea to hang out behind the scenes today. Spend time being more observant rather than active. Although, observing is an action in itself and a mighty important one when being forced to slow down. Also lying low will prevent any foot-in-mouth situations that might occur if moving into action in an untimely fashion.

So, for today, take it easy.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

off the rails

One person conditioned to rule and control
The media sells it and you live the role

~ Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
When The Emperor is upright, he is indeed an Upright Fellow. Life is in order, there is structure and form, but in a liberating manner. Could you imagine needing to organize your day around breathing or walking or chewing food? Everyday? If one is in a healthy state, these autonomic functions manage themselves with no thought. Being able to leave the house somewhat secure in the knowledge that said house will be there and in good order when you return warms many a cockle. So having some things in order is rather nice.

However, when The Emperor is in reverse, the Everyday doesn't feel all too sure. Perhaps the rug has been pulled out from underneath. Maybe an old foundation is crumbling. These actions call for one to take stock and find a way to restructure.


You may be dealing with someone who is a little too controlling. A reversed Emperor could be demanding all your attention, keeping you from Your Work (whatever that is), and doing a thing Julia Cameron refers to as Crazymaking. And Crazymakers are people Creatives need, need, to avoid. At all creative costs.

Two items have my attention in the Polestar Oracle today: the shell with the hole and the triangle shard. The hole-y shell in the East comes to mind as protection broken down, that certain structures are beginning to break down (East being the place of new beginnings). While the triangular shard reminds me of a symbol for Earth (sans the horizontal line). Hanging out in the South, I'm thinking there's a need for some kind of personal revolution (let's not get crazy thinking it ought to be bigger than that right now). The fiery energies of South call for some kind of restructuring. And that could include a few people, this direction and element being somewhat communal.

The Emperor is a big card, but it's only for today. My usual go-to: be present, do what you can, manage best what you can't.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Sunday, August 19, 2018


The Truth stays Herself -- and every man
That trusts Her -- boldly up

~ The Truth -- is Stirless by Emily Dickinson
Our Mother of Air is cool and calm, like the lake in her image. She is breathing in chaos and confusion, breathing out clarity and order. Because she can take it all in, pull it together, and then present it, eloquently, compassionately, resonating truth. And you will listen because you'll be on that same level ~ serene, steady. Not one word will go over your head, but it will land easily on the heart and simply resonate within.

The blue egg with snow in the South has my attention this morning. South is that place of Fire and community while the blue egg might symbolize one's Throat chakra and snow that cool, calm clarity. If you are in good company today, words will flow easily, truths may be expressed, honesty felt. You happen to say the right thing a person needs to hear. By the same token, you might hear exactly what you need to hear. And that information can come from anywhere ~ a person in line at the grocery store, a song on the radio, a book fallen open at the right page, a feather landing at your feet.

Truth can be found in a myriad of places. It's all a matter of perspective.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Friday, August 17, 2018

pressure cooker

Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for

~ Under Pressure by David Bowid and Queen
We'll need to kick it up a notch with the 5 of Fire today. This card often appears when there's a need to light a fire under some posterior or another. It's time to stand up and jump into the fray, get hands dirty, sweat a little.

Most folks know about having grace under pressure, managing the most magical of things inside of tight deadlines. Hang out with them if you're not feeling that sizzling energy that gets things done. You're up against interesting odds and this is no day to sit it out.

Along with the 5 of Fire, I've pulled this Polestar Oracle card . . . my attention is drawn to the mushroom in the East. That form calls to mind the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb. Which could go off, proverbially speaking, if the pressure builds without some sensible release. The 5 of Fire is often associated with healthy competition. Your goal shouldn't become a blood sport today, so mind your manners and don't blast the people in your company.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

team work

We live in cities you'll never see onscreen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things
Livin' in ruins of a palace within my dreams
And you know we're on each other's team

~ Team by Lourde
The 8 of Earth is an eager beaver. She is furiously working her craft and honing skills. He is moving ahead and making connections, adroitly using all the right words. When the 8 of Earth is in this exaggerated state, leaning to the right, mistakes are bound to happen. Which is fine as long as it doesn't lead to bloodshed. We learn from our mistakes. Hopefully.

In this card's image, Georgia O'Keeffe looks over the weaver's shoulder, offering steely-eyed confidence. And though Georgia wasn't a weaver, she did go it alone into the desert to develop her style and craft. It worked mighty fine for her, but it may not be so for you today.

I've an idea, nets are required. Looking at the Polestar Oracle image, my attention is drawn to the bloom in the South. That direction is typically associated with the element of Fire, associated with hearth fire and the coming together of community. (It's where folks gather 'round, you see.) So it might be a good idea to enter into some sort of team work situation. Help each other out, learn from each other. Together we can all develop our abilities and share the prize of accomplishment. Go out into the desert for that alone time later. For now, it's best to work with others.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

thrill seeking

We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it
Always pushing up the hill for the thrill of it

~ Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun
Our Son of Fire is raring to go. He is eager to charge ahead with little thought of the consequences. He wants certain things done and he wants it done now. Our Son of Fire is an adrenaline junkie today. He wants to feel the chemical flow from that on-the-edge energy. So buckle up, buttercup. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

And there's a little fun in that rush, isn't there? Too many irons in the fire, multitasking, moving with speedy grace from one raging fire to the next. But there is a cost. Burn out.

The Polestar Oracle pulled along with our Son of Fire leaning right feels somber, sober, grounded. The gold leaf at the top ~ let's call it North ~ that gold leaf in the North has my attention in relation to our fiery Son. I've an idea it's important to dial it back a bit. North usually represents the element of Earth in many traditions. And so grounding is called for today. It might be a fun thing to squeak by on the skin of one's ass, but it can get exhausting. Let the Polestar Oracle's sage advice temper that thrill seeking nature today. Pause a minute and make some sensible decisions before racing off to the next thing.

The Everyday Tarot

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The bees dive in to them and I too,
to gather their spiritual honey.

~ May by Mary Oliver
Temperance enters on easy breezes and calm weather. It's mild and tolerable. Just right. Temperance gathers the right elements to make something new, fresh, nurturing. Like a sunny day. We often find balance, harmony, integration, and great vigor when Temperance is around. It is a wholeness that seems to come after the great work of pulling together all the right stuff.


Let today be easy. If there's one thing Temperance is very good at it's balance, pulling together the extremes. Balance your work and play, rest and activity, company and solitude. Let yourself feel whole and at peace despite circumstances. You're in control of the alchemical process today so choose wisely.

The Everyday Tarot

Saturday, July 28, 2018


This is the mystery of the quotient, quotient
Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall

~ The Rain Song by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
Ah, The Sun! Yes, it's in reverse, but it's really no big deal. In some ways The Sun is still sunny even with a few clouds in the sky. I mean, on the bright side (pun intended) it's day time and you can still see what's going on and where you're going. Though life seems a little clouded over, it's still manageable. We aren't blindly swimming around in darkness ~ like The Moon in reverse. Or feeling lost in hoping against hope ~ The Star in reversed. No. This is The Sun, this planet's closest star and though we only see it so many hours in a day, it still shines no matter what. It's brighter than those other celestials in the Tarot.


Grab an umbrella if you must, if you don't like getting wet. Me, I like a little rain on my head. It's like a cleansing, a baptismal where I stand. Sun showers are magical, rainbows color an otherwise dreary sky. And the rain brings us flowers.

The Everyday Tarot

Thursday, July 26, 2018

finding delight

Everyday I see or hear something that more or less
kills me with delight, that leaves me like a needle
in the haystack of light.

~ Mindful by Mary Oliver
The 6 of Earth gives presence and comfort. There are relationships that need tending, the give and take of existence. Because no one can operate in a vacuum. You stand here today thanks to the people who came before you. Not just your Ancestors, but the whole of humanity. Work has been done, gifts have been bestowed, and, in many cases, sacrifices have been made.

You aren't on this planet simply to exist, but to thrive, create, and relate. You are here not only to receive the goodness of Earth, but to share it. Resources are more than finances. Your resource could be time shared with someone who needs it. Or a skill. Or a good meal with fine wine. There will be an exchange. It might not always be even, but it all comes out in the wash.


Look around. Find some delight. Then share it.

The Everyday Tarot

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

hold that ground

You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won't back down
~ I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty
Our Daughter of Earth has had quite enough and she ain't budging. That's the short and sweet of it. She's worked hard to get where she is today and she will not toss it all away on someone else's whims.

And so I will keep it short today.

It's likely you've done some work that's taken time and energy, possibly a few resources, and you're not going down without a fight. So do as Mr. Petty says: Don't back down.

The Everyday Tarot

Monday, July 16, 2018


Lover I'm off the streets / Gonna go where the bright lights
And the big city meet / With a red guitar on fire / Desire

~ Desire by U2 (in the good ol' days)
Stick with me here a minute. Typically, the 5 of Fire is associated with interpersonal strife, jabs and slights that won't draw blood, but require being prepared to stand up and fight. It's a chaotic sort of energy (thank you, Number Five), disorganized, disorderly, spiky. And so I ask you: What does desire do?

It produces a similar energy pattern. Desire creates a longing, a yearning. Inner fires are ignited, life gets a little chaotic as you run off toward the thing you want most. Life shifts, things fall away ~ in short, it gets a little crazy. Because desire might mean you're no longer satisfied with what is. Satisfaction is a healthy Number Four ~ sturdy, stable, reliable. Toss a want into that mix, you get Five ~ changeable, problematic, uncertain. Add a little fire and you have, well, desire.


Go after your desires today if you must, but keep your everyday tasks in mind. Remember you have other people to consider in your life as you move toward that desired goal. Desire can be tempered with a little common sense, but you gotta use it.

The Everyday Tarot

Sunday, July 15, 2018


i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)
i am never without it (anywhere i go you go, my dear;
and whatever is done by only me is your doing,
my darling)
~ i carry your heart with me by e. e. cummings
As in e. e. cummings' poetry, there are no upper case letters in the gathering of family today. The 10 of Water shows a happy scene of people joined together, enjoying the view, and a success that couldn't have happened all alone.

Living in family requires connection and sacrifices and, certainly, plenty of love. Standing on the summit of life and gazing out at the wonder of it all is better when Your People are present with you. And it shouldn't be restricted to those major (often dysfunction-triggering) holidays, but recognized everyday. Seen in the simple tasks of tending a household, cooking a meal together, getting through a messy situation with some sense of grace ~ these things too could be celebrated.

We only need to pause. And look. Recognize the love always present, even in awkward moments.

Let today be a good day steeped in familial happiness. We carry each other in big and small ways. Because family is always with you, even when they aren't.

The Everyday Tarot

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

what's learnin' ya?

All summations have a beginning, all effect has
a story, all kindness begins with the sown seed.

~ What I Have Learned So Far by Mary Oliver
I am the one who is Mother. I am the one who is working on her kindness, softening the rough edges. I am the one who pulls the disparate together and grounds it into Being. I create and recreate everyday. I dance on Earth reaching for stars. I feed my People, My Work, and creativity. I am warm, accommodating, and industrious. I can be stubborn and unyielding on a bad day and I'm a force to be reckoned with if crossed. You are always a welcome friend. My door is always open and you may find comfort here.

The above is part of SoulCollage® process using what Seena Frost calls I Am the One Who statements in order to connect with an image created, but doesn't seem to make sense. It's enlightening to have these simple conversations with image. Sometimes, they speak volumes.


Find your voice in the Mother of Earth today. Speak with that which is mysterious, arcane, lost in the usual translation. The results may surprise you.

The Everyday Tarot

Friday, July 06, 2018

not quite there

You say I'm a dreamer / But I'm not the only one /
I hope someday you'll join us / And the world will be as one

~ Imagine by John Lennon
The World is leaning back a little lazily. It is in a state of impending realization, completion, wholeness. The World isn't exactly waiting, but it isn't exactly moving forward with great verve either. It needs a little push.

The World is more than the planet Earth. The World encompasses so much more than space. It is the Universe, that one turn, the cosmos, still expanding and becoming.

It's odd to say we are standing in this place and time of Becoming. We individual little humans are our own universes expanding (I'm not talking waistlines here), that we are always on the brink of understanding and knowing more. Everyday. If you're awake.

And that's the task for today really. There's a little more work that needs doing, but with The World card, even leaning back, wholeness and completion may be realized. It's up you and how you choose to expand your universe.

The Everyday Tarot

Thursday, July 05, 2018

in situ

At this distance you're a mirage, a glossy image fixed
in the posture of the last time I saw you.

~ Postcards by Margaret Atwood
The Hanged One in reverse finds one still in the same place, perhaps unable to move, unable to extricate from the tedium of No Movement. Tired of waiting and fixed in place. The only difference is an inability to surrender to that position another precious second.

There are times it is a good idea to take The Hanged One's advice to surrender, go with the flow, shift the perspective. Then there are times when it isn't. This might be one of those times. While it's usually polite and democratic to invite different outlooks on a situation, it might be that yours is in danger of being lost completely if you don't hang on to it. Your take on this thing is important. The Hanged One in reverse rather indicates so.

Maybe you've been dealing with a situation long enough. Something's gotta give, but it shouldn't be your perspective or integrity. This is not a go-with-the-flow day.


Go forth into your day with your ideas and perspectives and act on them. Not in an angry or entitled manner (there is no need to be inconsiderate), but with purpose and good intention. It's simply time you stood up rather than dangling in space and time, waiting to be heard and seen.

The Everyday Tarot

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

stars unmoved

Oh, if revenge did move the stars instead of love,
they would not shine.
~ Margaret Atwood
Justice is screaming from the mountain tops. She is wailing in the wind, screeching and howling, calling attention to the injustices of Life. Injustices we all suffer at one time or another, small and large.

I won't dive into details . . . mainstream media does a fine job of tweaking adrenals.

What I might touch on is the cruel beast of revenge. I know enough to understand little good comes from acting on it. And yet revenge is such an easy tool to reach for when feeling slighted or victimized. It's a lot of work to keep from exacting payback. It's when we are all impatient with karma.

And it's a mighty good thing certain wishes take time to manifest on this plane of existence. That instant gratification isn't served at every gruesome whim. Because then someone would have to take their revenge, wouldn't they? Where would it all end?

I can not in anyway suggest fixing vengeful thoughts or acts, except maybe this: focus on Love. (Oh, that does sound cheesy, but stick with me.) Not necessarily loving those who have wronged or slighted or traumatized, but loving the Self. Loving the Self enough to take care of yourself in the best possible ways. Because revenge devours from the inside and makes one generally unpleasant to be around. Besides, isn't living well the best possible revenge? Forgiveness is a tricky thing and I wouldn't suggest entering it lightly either.

Yet a right-leaning Justice is a force to reckon with today. Keep in mind, it is swift on both sides.

The Everyday Tarot

Saturday, June 30, 2018


I have decided to find myself a home in the mountains
~ I Have Decided by Mary Oliver
The 8 of Air is our task master/mistress for today. Typically, this card speaks of the Grand Mental Loop folks get stuck in ~ that instant replay, but with varying permutations of the event to better satisfy a less-than-satisfying condition. Today, however, I've got a different slant on this airy, self-made prison. It comes in the form of comparison.

We humans live in a society. With other humans (for the most part). Comparing ourselves to others is an easy pass time. It's also an easy trap to keep up with the Jones-es. And here's how: you see someone doing a thing or having a thing and you figure you should be doing it or procuring it thinking it will improve life in some manner. The catch here is you're not that person. Your experience of doing or having the thing will be unique unto you. Once the doing/having has been attained the reward may feel, at best, empty. Or worse, entrapment. In a trap you made all on your own. Simply because you did not take into account your own unique way of being on this fine blue planet.

Mary Oliver's decision is a fine one. Reading on further, the suggestion isn't really to remove yourself from society, but your mind and its delightful machinations. Especially when comparing.


Very simply: Be yourself today.

The Everyday Tarot

Friday, June 22, 2018

the cruel angle

To let me dangle at a cruel angle / Oh, my feet don't
touch the floor

~ What Kind of Man by Florence and the Machine
We are on the wrong side of a brusque Father of Air leaning right today. Upright, he is judicious, prudent, easy with his words. He is typically thoughtful and kind, considerate. In this exaggerated manner, our Father of Air feels arbitrary and he is certainly all air. He may say cruel and thoughtless things. He may not even notice let alone consider you. His main concern is enacting his will come hell or high water. A fair guarantee both will happen in dealing with a forceful Father of Air.

If this person is you (gender is disregarded in the Court cards ~ you can still hook into the energy), then I offer my favorite recommendation: stop, stand, breathe, and be Present. There is no need to be unkind to others (who may actually be trying to help) if a day isn't going as planned. The recalibration of a situation often calls for a shift in attitude ~ yours, not everyone else's. And as Fathers = Kings in the Tarot, you've got full command of your own behavior so make use of it.

If this person is not you . . . Well, do what you can. Even if that means leaving the room for a time out. You can not make this other person feel better or fix them today. Make a suggestion and then move on.

It may be a swirling mess of events with all this air-y energy barely touching the ground ~ though tornadoes touch down, don't they? As long as you tend to Self by being present, I'm certain you'll glide on through.

The Everyday Tarot

Monday, June 18, 2018

wishes deferred

When a star is born / They possess a gift or two /
One of them is this / They have the power to make a
wish come true

~ When You Wish Upon a Star by Harline & Washington
The Star is waiting for you to make up your mind. Or a wish at least. This leaning left position makes it hard for her to help you with those deepest desires.

In certain magical traditions, there's a four-fold theory of working things ~ To Know, To Dare, To Will, and To Be Silent. Sounds easy enough. I'd rather you search the magical engines for cross referencing beyond the provided link. It's an interesting journey, but I digress . . . My own take on the Big Four is this: 1) Knowing might mean knowing what you want. Well, that should be easy, right? Sometimes, knowing what you want takes effort and attention though. You might have gotten stumped here. So take some time to figure it out. 2) Daring could mean taking those first scary steps with an idea, getting past your Inner Critic, doing it anyway despite the fear. 3) Willing a thing into being takes perseverance. If things have been waffling lately, it may be time to re-examine your wish or do the work of course correction. 4) Keeping Silent? Well. That's a tough one really. When we're excited about what we're doing we want to share the process. It's all lovely to share, however, putting a project out into the world too soon might invite detractors to chime in. And, that, my friends, will put a kibosh on doing Your Work.


Know what you want to do, dare to do it, will it to be so, but keep it to yourself until it's ready to really shine. Above all, do not be afraid to wish. It's your birthright on this plane of existence.

The Everyday Tarot

Sunday, June 17, 2018

giving up

It's always the moment before gunshot
You try and try to rise but you cannot.

~ Flying Inside Your Own Body by Margaret Atwood
This more than an impasse. It is more than simply waiting out a thing or finding a new perspective. When The Hanged One is leaning left, one has given up rather than surrendered.

For the purposes of Tarot reading, there is a difference. Surrendering suggests letting go (and letting God, if necessary), giving one's self over to what's next. A certain curiosity, preparing one's self for the next phase by doing what can be done and then waiting on the next course of action. With serenity and grace, faith and trust.

Giving up, however. Well, that's a different thing. Giving up means also giving up any hope that things may improve or change or shift. Giving up on hope isn't surrendering, it's simply cashing in and letting Life buffet you from one windy desert to another like a tumbleweed.


Find something to help with the despair. Get boots on the ground and do what you can for now. Remember this is only a card for today and that tomorrow will be different. After all . . . tomorrow is another day.

The Everyday Tarot

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

might as well be on pluto

There is a solitude of space
~ Emily Dickinson
Today is a new moon. One may as well be at the furthest reaches of the galaxy for that to matter. For that is where one would like to be when The Hermit presents itself in this manner. The Hermit has no interest in being a guiding light to anyone. In fact, The Hermit really wants to be alone, completely alone. No one gets in. Not nobody, not no now.

Maybe there's some deep work you'd really like to focus on and you simply need a completely distraction-free space. No phones, no internet, no TV, no people. Maybe a cat. Because they don't care one way or another. You're only good for one thing anyway.

And then there's the other maybe: That you've removed yourself so far from society you've forgotten how to relate well to others. Then it really might be time to take those awkward steps back into good company. You may have work to do and things to tend to, but it isn't the whole of life. It's nice to get another perspective from unexpected sources and that can't be done in a vacuum.


Get your solitude in if necessary, but get out awhile. Shake the dust off those boots and dance a little. Solitude restores, but can become smothering if engaged in for too long.

The Everyday Tarot

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


She had a horror of rooms she was tired you can't hide beat
~ Scary Monsters by David Bowie
The Moon leaning left brings with her a host of fears. The whole surface of life simply seems lunar and unknowable and slippery. It's hard to get a foot on the ground when the head is wired into fears and uncertainties.

What to do?

There are few real answers here. Depends on the severity of one's situation. Hitting a phobia or rock bottom often requires help (and please do seek it if necessary). However, if this is manageable, if it's a thing one can breathe through, if its inner workings are known then there's a chance it will all be fine and everyone will emerge from the odd darkness unscathed. Possibly even fortified.

Addressing fear and anxiety head on might not be the best course of action when The Moon is leaning back. She is more sensitive than usual. She imagines things out of context. She sees monsters where there are none. It may be enough to get through the day. Certain battles are better fought another time.


Do what's manageable today. Don't let fears and anxieties get the best of you. Rest when you can. Find a thing that gives you joy ~ laugh a lot, cry if necessary. But don't freeze up. Sometimes, the scary monsters aren't all that scary.

Finding help:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Drug Abuse Hotlines