Sunday, December 31, 2017


Maybe you think life is chicken soup, served in
blue willow-pattern bowls.

~ Farm Country by Mary Oliver
Perhaps it is not so festive, not so pretty to suggest that there is work to do on this day, the last day of 2017. Yet, there it is, there you have it. The Ace of Earth is prosperity, abundance in hand, but it's not just handed over, buttercup. There's good, practical work to do. This Ace is grounded in and from the Earth. It is using common sense, being practical (there's that word again), making concrete plans.

Because life is not chicken soup served in those bowls suggested by Mary Oliver. The processing and preparation of things is important and can not be overlooked, ignored, passed by, skipped. Are those enough words to suggest what needs to be done? Do the work. The results will be more beneficial if that work is embraced fully.

It may be enough to, loosely, plan your year ahead. I say loosely because even concrete plans shift a bit throughout the year. The thing with the Ace of Earth is to simply start the work. Begin with honesty, a little clarity, and a pinch of optimism. We're standing on the edge of a New Year. Let that first step be a solid one.

Happy 2018!

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