Sunday, December 03, 2017

the magic of service

This I mean to whisper to my mind
This I mean to laugh within my mind
This I mean my mind to serve
'Til service is but Magic

~ God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot, Leonard Cohen
In this image The Magician is a shaman. S/he knows the ways of plants and stars. S/he knows how to journey into a hollow tree and retrieve the fragments of souls. Back in the day, becoming a shaman didn't involve finding a practitioner to apprentice with online. Shamanic practice called upon the individual, often in odd, scary ways ~ an extra digit, near-death experiences, seizures without any real medical explanation.

We can dial it back a bit. You don't need a near-death experience in order to serve. Your magic might be in the simple things you do. Anything done with clear intention and care is enchantment enough. It will seem like magic to others. Which is fine, but don't get too cocky, petal. Magic moves through and can not be contained. Once done, it moves on. The thing is to stay connected so you can catch the current when necessary.


Your job, even on a Sunday (even though Eli Manning is benched), is to be in service by staying connected. Know the ways of your plants and stars (the moon is full, by the way). You don't necessarily have to journey into a hollow tree, but a trip to the supermarket for someone unable to drive themselves is enough. Do your Work and let the Magic work you.

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