Tuesday, December 26, 2017

running up that hill

Do you wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?
Do you wanna hear about the deal I'm making?

~ Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush
*sigh* Well. Really there's not much to say here. No. Actually, there is. A burden has been assigned to you. That burden often comes in the form of being the last word or the one who keeps all the loose ends tied or the one doing most of the work. And it's not done just because you're a control freak. It is a burden born of good honest intentions ~ the intentions of doing for others, of being helpful, of taking on their burdens. No martyr complex. There is no woe-is-me attitude here. The boots are strapped on and they have hit the ground.

Which is all very nice and admirable. Except it can get exhausting.

This could be a day of learning to delegate a few tasks or let people bear their own burdens. It's time to make new deals that won't grind you to the ground and squelch your inner fire. You may be in command of a lot of energy, but that energy could easily be spent on the ungrateful and clueless.


Assess your situation. Let people do their own work or sort out their own problems (chances are they'll be better for it). Manage your own time, space, and energies without guilt or coercion. The steep incline may seem less daunting then.

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