Wednesday, November 22, 2017

slight miscalculations

Barons of Suburbia I have heard you pray
Before you devour her

~ Barons of Suburbia, Tori Amos
Our Daughter of Earth returns a little sooner than planned. But then, who has a real plan anyway? The thing is she's back and she's got a lot on her mind. Which means she might forget to gather herself together, get herself out of her head. Couple that with heading into a major American holiday and there's a fair recipe for disaster.

Going back to our Ancestors is speculation at best. We have too much now. We have access to a million thoughts, ideas, dreams. And choices! Choosing drawer pulls becomes a daunting process. Or coffee. First World problems, right? But I digress . . . Going back to what our Ancestors did is Make Believe, it's play acting. However, there is something in that activity. Our DNA picks up on those threads and gives 'em a tug. Something clicks into motion and we stand naked in the dark (only in a proverbial sense, keep your shirt on) staring awestruck up into the stars. Communion.

It is what Ritual does.


Hone in on your personal rituals. Pluck the strings of your Ancestors to hear what songs they have for you. Gather your people and be in good relations. One thing our Daughter of Earth likes is practicality. Lighting a candle will do. Preparing meals with intention will also do. Let the warp and weft of your day be Sacred and it will be so.

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