Saturday, November 25, 2017

seeing angels

only if there are angels in your head will you ever,
possibly, see one

~ The World I Live In, Mary Oliver
I often couple a pull with another oracle or Tarot. Sometimes, it packages a little more information than drawing just the one card. Gateway of Innocence from Melllissae Lucia's Oracle of Initiation joined the ride with our Daughter of Fire this morning. She dances with innocence at that gateway, looking up, looking for angels. She is on fire with that possibility and other possibilities. Because that's her raison d'ĂȘtre ~ standing in Potentiality.

What do you want to bring into being? What is the thing you must do today? (One card, one day ~ doesn't have to be life changing.) Where does your potential lie?

Daughter of Fire asks you to examine these queries with a curious mind. If you can imagine a thing, you can manifest a thing. Luckily, we humans don't blink what we want into existence. Luckily, there are events that occur between Here and There. So we learn along the way or engineer a little course correction if necessary. And that, my friends, is more interesting than simply attaining a goal.


Look up. Look around. Let the occasional angel in your head loose ~ so you can possibly see it.

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