Friday, November 24, 2017

black friday

We believe in ancient lies
We compete until we die

~ Competition Song, Pennywise
Ahem. I'll state the obvious (for 'Mericans, at least): it's Black Friday. It is, supposedly, the biggest, most infamous shopping day of the year when folks are lined up in front of shopping institutions of choice to get flat-screen TVs at greatly discounted prices for . . . xmas. Well. Maybe not so much anymore, thanks to Amazon. In which case, you may shop at leisure from home in your underwear. If that's your thing.

What is the thing with the 5 of Air, again, is competition, but it may not be so much with other people. It may have more to do with your interaction with your environment, your tiny corner of Life. Events may not unfold so neatly today. Situations will arise. Movement toward any sense of completion will occur in fits and starts. You may just want to sit this day out. If you have that option, take it.

If you don't. Well, that's another matter.

Do what you can to not be the cause of friction. Fly under the radar. Mind your own business. And then you will not be a cross purposes with others' business. Do whatever you can to keep it simple today.

The Everyday Tarot

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