Friday, October 27, 2017

hear the unhearble

Besides, when I am alone I can become invisible . . .
I can almost hear the unhearble sound of the
roses singing.

~ How I Go to the Woods, Mary Oliver
What are you doing? Stop now.

(Unless you're reading this, of course, then carry on because there's more.)

Stop. And listen. Really listen.

It's a tough task in this day and age because, as pointed out ad nauseum, our society is constantly fidgety and on the go. We are hooked in, rarely without our cell phones, and there's always Netflix, right?

In Edina Monsoon's words, we suffer this thing of never having been to Me. We humans jet from one fix to another with little thought of stopping in between. In Between. It's always forgotten in that trek from Here to There.

I've heard tell that the best cure for not having been to Me is, indeed, a walk in the woods. Without a cell phone or camera, if possible and if you're in a safe place that wouldn't require constant connection to the world. (You want to be able to call 911 should a bear decide to join you in this solitude.) The small task here is to go forest bathing. A simple task, but not an easy one.

Because, my friend, you need to slow down and disconnect to Reconnect.
You need to hear the unhearable.

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