Sunday, October 29, 2017

dance anyway

We can dance if we want to, we've got your life and mine
As long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it
Everything'll work our right

~ The Safety Dance, Men Without Hats
Yes. Typically, the poor Emperor is maligned for his staid structure. He's only concerned for your safety after all. If you got good bones, you can stand. Run. Dance.

Oddly, my initial thought was OSHA industry standards ~ that fine art of keeping folks safe on construction sites. The Rules are created to insure one's well-being. Working within them allows you to move and operate, well, safely.

But go ahead and dance anyway. You're in a secure location (I hope) ~ whirl and twirl, stomp and jump. Good energy sometimes needs a good container. The Emperor will insure your safety. Which frees you from worrying about it.

The Everyday Tarot

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