Monday, September 04, 2017

heart friends

Your heart and my heart are very very old friends.
~ Hafiz
What a lovely day to pull this card! Sure, we saw the 3 of Water awhile ago and it means pretty much the same thing today ~ find your people, get together, enjoy.  However, there is a slightly different undertone. Summer has ended and the revelry is a little quieter, but not somber.

Who have you been thinking of lately? Who have you been meaning to call, but have been too busy? (And don't blame yourself for being busy. Who isn't busy these days?) If they are near, get together and pick up the threads of old times. If they are not-so-near, but very dear, a phone call, a Skye session might be long overdue.

In short, reconnect, rekindle, and rejoice. It's a fine day for such undertakings.

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