Friday, September 15, 2017

body beautiful

Poetry on your body
You got it in every way

~ Move Your Body, Sia
Our Mother of Earth is all about the bounty of body and earth. She nurtures us, she feeds us well, but also expects us to use these bodies. Have we been sedentary too long? I know I have. It's been a lost summer of busy-ness and now that it's mid-autumn in our neck of the woods, I'm looking to getting back to some simple movement. And I don't mean from the studio to the Big Ass Red chair to watch Netflix. (Don't you just love Netflix though?)

This might be day to take up some healthy practice of moving your body in any safe way you can (check moon and planetary alignments if you must). Because bodies were made for movement. It's our birthright to have mobility well into our 90's ~ even if differently-abled, there are ways. The catch is you've actually gotta do it.


While the Mother of Earth may be addressing issues of abundance in your life ~ keeping the fridge stocked, cooking an excellent meal, tending a cozy household ~ consider the keeping our your soul's house, your body. Go for a walk. Practice some Yin Yoga or Primal Vinyasa (new to me and looks juicy). Dance!

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