Sunday, August 13, 2017

tracing lazy circles

Tracing the circles
Moving across my eyes
Lying on a ship
And gazing at the western skies
Tracing lazy circles in the sky

~ Amerigo, Patti Smith
The Star Trek Going Boldly thing might apply, but Patti Smith's Amerigo came to mind immediately. I'm running with it. There is a feel of creating one's own original plan in the 2 of Fire. Be bold enough to stand up and initiate that plan.

This might be a day of your Work In the World. What ideas are sparking in your mind? What is your baby right now? Seize this moment (carpe diem, baby!) and run with it. Only you have the authority to take your dreams and ideas to fruition. It's in your hands and the world is your oyster. Crack it open (mind the pearl) and suck it down with a glass of champagne.


Stand tall. Look out upon this world and know you control enough of it to make stuff happen. Enjoy the view! It's all yours in the making.

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