Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Life's to take,
Says the talking snake
Everybody should be happy

~ Talking Snake, Iggy Pop
I rather like snakes. However, this one is slithering through, bringing with it small irritations and hassles. The 5 of Fire can make for a spiky day. On the one hand.

On the other, it could be vigorous challenge, shaking off the dust of ennui. Maybe you're fixin' for a fight. (In which case, refer to this.) There is a fire in the belly, a need for instigation and rousing. Perhaps you've been complacent for too long. Then the snake is rising, like Kundalini, breaking through all that complacency.


It may be a day of minor scrapes and petty arguments. Or it could be a day of hearty competition, getting the adrenaline pumping and moving you into action. Either way it's up to you, Buttercup.

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