Tuesday, August 29, 2017


if you were born with the weakness to fall
you were born with the strength to rise

~ Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey
When I bump into the Strength card, I consider my helpers because we rarely rise alone. We draw strength from many sources ~ family, the earth we stand upon, a furred or feathered or scaly friend. (Iguanas can be cuddly too.) It is a relationship that is easy, not coerced or manipulated. It certainly does not require brute force to maintain.

Helpers don't only come from outside of us either. Next to the ubiquitous Inner Child is probably an Inner Helper. It might look like Good Decisions or Self Soothing or Serenity ~ name your flavor avoiding addiction. Notice how you don't need to force its presence, you don't need to make it heel or sit. It is there for you, waiting patiently.


Do not berate yourself for any weakness being suffered today. As Rupi says, you've got it in you to step up, maybe embrace the weakness gently and lead it with calmness and confidence. It's okay to feel a little apprehension or fear. Do it anyway. Fearlessness is over-rated.

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