Monday, August 14, 2017


Find out what it means to me.

~ Respect, Aretha Franklin
Turkeys get no respect. It's been said they could have been the national bird, but a loftier avian was chosen.


In the Ace of Air, a turkey feather is held as offering. It is an affirmation in hand. An affirmation of standing in Truth, of standing in community, and of maintaining clarity. The mind is clear and sharp, words flow easily, and things get done. Especially once decisions are made.

Looking at the Turkey as totem, we find virtues of abundance, connection, resourcefulness. Good decisions can be made with these virtues in mind today.


Be clear. Keep your head in right-minded thinking, but don't let others determine the course of your day. Respect yourself and others will respect you. Break it down like Aretha.

The Everyday Tarot

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