Wednesday, August 09, 2017


When patterns are broken new worlds emerge.
~ Tuli Kupferberg
Let's be honest. This is not a fun card to pull on a fine Wednesday morning. The 3 of Air (or Swords) typically refers to heartbreak, loss, and betrayal. Some sadistic readers even put a heart attack spin on it. As if one doesn't have enough to worry about.

There is another perspective available though. I bumped into Tuli Kupferberg's quote looking at something else. A synchronous hit. Because I really didn't know how to approach the 3 of Air until I found the quote.

We humans love our patterns. In an uncertain world, they are a comfort. And a prison. We lock ourselves into these comfy grooves, day in and day out, not really having a life. The pattern becomes the addiction. Gotta have my coffee in the morning and tea at three pee em. The day varies very little from that.

And so it is a heartbreak when a pattern is broken. The good thing about it is you get out of your head and into your heart. Instead of thinking your way out of something, let your cracked-open heart guide you. (Tread lightly here. I'm not suggesting anything rash. Just stop the mental loop that's getting nowhere.) How about stepping out of the comfort zone before the pattern is broken? At least it will feel like a conscious effort instead of a tragic imposition. Be well.

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