Friday, August 18, 2017


You know what I mean
Fur is flying, I'm on your team

~ Bragging Party, The Amps
Do not forget why you are here. You are here to act as a bold, caring, compassionate human being. Losing sight of that makes you a difficult person to deal with ~ unfriendly at best, dangerous at worst. I've an idea you're better than that.

If you've won an argument, great. Don't laud it over someone. Better to extend a hand of reconciliation than act like a bastard about it all. If, on the other hand, you're on the receiving end of that loss, stand up, smile, then extend a hand in the same manner. Losing (or winning) doesn't make for a bad person. We're just humans and either extreme is part of human existence. We've got our thoughts and opinions, but it can be tempered with compassion.

The 5 of Air has a lot of swirling, heady, energy with people engaging in battles of wit and words. When name-calling comes into the game, however, all is lost.


Say what needs to be said, but measure your words. Consider how what's being said might be received. Be clear on your boundaries, but also respect another's. Compromise might be the best course for today.

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