Tuesday, August 08, 2017

another frontier

Space: the final frontier.
~ Star Trek intro
Looking out upon any open vista or up into the sky gives you the long view. Where do you want to go? Does the path look clear? Or are there obstacles to navigate? Klingons to avoid?

The 3 of Fire offers this momentary, unique perspective ~ the look ahead, fore sight. Having that sight also puts one in the tricky position of being in the lead. It requires stepping up and maintaining the long view perspective while still managing what's in the immediate vicinity. A bit of multi-tasking (or monkey-tasking). The nifty thing is you're going somewhere new or trying something new. It's your new frontier either way.

Oh, and the reason the perspective is momentary is the opportunity might be missed if not acted upon in a timely manner. It's the nature of Fire ~ here and gone in a flash.


Don't take a back seat today. Step up and see where you're going. Got problems and pitfalls in your sights? Find a way around them. Does it look like easy going? Well, then proceed with some sense of confidence. Mind the Klingons.

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