Thursday, July 20, 2017

wild abandon

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
Inscription on the doorway to Hell by
Dante Alighieri from The Divine Comedy
It actually might not be bad advice for today. What do we often do with hope? We often cling to it ~ hoping, praying, hoping against hope. In some ways, if hope is lost then you really can start from scratch. Because hope sometimes keeps you stuck.

The 10 of Air is the complete, enforced surrender to a situation. You are laid bare, open-hearted, stripped to the bone. And there isn't a thing to be done but submit. (Note I don't say "give up"). Give yourself a moment to mourn the loss. (This is just a daily pick, so don't get mired in it ~ after all, tomorrow is another day.) Then get back up dust yourself off and move on. The hard part is over. Which was abandoning hope, if you may recall.


This is likely to be a day when things simply won't happen easily. Any plans made are cancelled or diverted beyond control. Events won't happen in an orderly, sensible manner creating a haphazard approach to putting out the crazy fires that ensue. You may feel hulled out, burned out, eviscerated. But, hey. It's just for today. Chin up, Buttercup.

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