Friday, July 07, 2017

today's random draw : : The Moon

Barn's burnt down
I can see the moon

~ Mizuta Masahide
There are times I pull a card from the deck and a quote or an immediate thought will come to me. That first thought becomes the reading. This morning it was Mizuta's poem of loss and gain. Lose a visual obstacle, get a better viewpoint. And The Moon sometimes feels like that. She is slippery and elusive. You think you've got an idea what's going on only to find that idea has shifted. It is why She loves the ocean with its constant movement, ebbs and flows. The Moon is dreamy and maddening, She refuses to make sense.


It simply might be a day to let it not Make Sense. Let yourself dream, day dream, nap dream. Drift on currents of the Unconscious and see what surfaces. Don't attach too much thought to what you find just yet though. It may change tomorrow, an hour from now, or in a minute.

How might you meet The Moon today?

The Everyday Tarot

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