Saturday, July 29, 2017

the moon's fingers

Where the muskrat floats.
And the lilies shiver under the fingers of the moon.

~ Blackleaf Swamp by Mary Oliver
Earlier this month, The Moon had been pulled from the shuffled deck. And here She is again. Now, I could go over old ground writing again about Her slippery elusiveness, but today I'm noticing the root-like filaments 'neath that orb's glow. I'm noticing how they reach for some rocky substrate, like bringing dreams down to earth.

What can this be saying to us today?

Is it time to stop dreaming about dreams and bring a few into Waking Reality? Do the moon-like qualities need a little grounding on the whole? (A task similar to keeping water and oil mixed together. It is The Moon we're talking about here.) Or is The Moon reaching Her fingers out to touch you, my shivering lily?

We are the conduits of dreams. Without human interaction, without human abilities, dreams would die. Dreams, thoughts, ideas aren't human constructs. They are breathed upon us and it is our task to bring them into being. Because we are on this earth plane, we know how to get around on this planet, we know how to make stuff happen. The Moon can not do these things, but She can tickle you into doing them. If you've got a nifty idea or a sweet dream or a thought rolling around, bring it into form. At least write it down for now. Baby steps are always welcome.

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