Friday, July 21, 2017


Every breath you take/Every move you make/
Every bond you break/Every step you take/
I'll be watching you.
~ Sting
What are you trying to get away with? Someone else's property? Money? Peace of mind? Whatever it is, the 7 of Air is about procuring it indirectly, on the sly, sneaking by. It's about scheming and planning and playing with scenarios in your mind when it might be better to simply ask. Directly. Without mincing words or sidestepping issues. Because you are being watched.

The question to ask yourself is: What do I need right now? Then take the appropriate steps to fulfill that need. Need more time? Plan on asking for it. Short on cash? Plan on a little overtime or cutting back somewhere. Gotta have a thing, but can't get it right now? Plan on waiting until you can.

Because, as I mentioned, you are being watched. A child observing a stressed parent stop to take time for themselves teaches them to do the same, putting an end to the endless Rat Race. An employer observing an employee on the job might result in promotion or a raise. A couple pulling together resources and saving money could get them their dream home. Yes, it's about strategy, but the right kind. Avoid the strategy that makes you steal. Stealing or carving out time or sneaking off often leaves one with a feeling they haven't gotten enough ~ that chemical release becomes the drug.


Make a plan. Be direct. Do good work. Know you have what you need and you don't need to steal to get what you don't have. And remember, this . . .

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