Monday, July 31, 2017

everything is waiting

All the birds and creatures of the world
are unutterably themselves.
Everything is waiting for you.

~ Everything is Waiting for You by David Whyte
Small secret: I do oracles for breakfast. Along with my own cards, I choose from another random deck for added flavor. This morning, the 7 of Earth leaped from the deck as I shuffled. Meh. Now what am I waiting for?

And then the Seven of Crystals (The Starchild Tarot) shuffled her way into my hand as well.

Double meh.

Okay. Let us shift this around. What if, as in David Whyte's poem, everything is waiting for us? What if Life is standing there tapping its toe, arms akimbo, glaring in a questioning manner? Waiting for us. (Or just me if this doesn't resonate for you today.)

I know I'm on the fence about a few things and when I'm on the fence, other things come to a halt. It seems nothing else can get started until I do. Which means getting off the fence. (I'm sticking with that analogy as the other is mildly offensive.) Which means making decisions. Which is not exactly an Earth element activity. The 7 of Earth does the work step-by-step and then waits. There are few decisions to be made. Switching this whole waiting game around requires a little more work.

Because, sometimes, Life is waiting for us. Sometimes, we can't just wait for the perfect decision. Earth types like work. Get off the fence and get to work. Everything is waiting.

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