Thursday, July 13, 2017

dream operator

Every dream has a name and names tell your story . . .
~ Dream Operator
, Talking Heads
Oh, she is dreaming, our Daughter of Earth! And not in a lost, gauzy, fog machine manner either. She carefully tends her dreams, giving them roots, letting them grow, and even pruning where necessary. As our Daughter dreams, her feet are planted. She holds those visions lightly as the day goes on. Making a loose plan here, initiating some action there. Hers is not a laser-like focus on results, but a dance through the process, learning as she goes. (The laser-like focus thing is generally left to the Sons.) Because our Daughter of Earth pays attention to her body's needs, she also knows when it's time to rest, put stuff down awhile, let the work marinate, take a nap.


As the song says, you are the Dream Operator. You control your thoughts and where they go. If you've got an idea brewing, it might not be quite the time to release it to the world just yet, but you can certainly work on it. Or let it sit awhile. As with most Earth types, there is no reason to rush. Let the dream come to life on its own terms. You'll know what to do when it's ready.

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