Tuesday, July 11, 2017

don't fear the reaper

Don't fear Him.
Don't revere Him either.

Here's the thing: put it in perspective. It's just a card and it's only for one day (because it's a daily draw, by golly). The favorite disclaimer of Tarot readers is that Death doesn't necessarily mean a physical human death. You don't need to clutch your nearest and dearest tightly for fear of losing them. Not yet, at least. And, I'm fairly certain, not for today. Although, hugs all around is never a bad thing.

No. This is the Death card for today. It might manifest as simply an awareness that something in life has shifted.

What happened to that thing that used to annoy the shit out of me? Hmmm. Seems to be gone. Sweet!

It's that sort of death. You may be moving on in life where the death of one aspect is necessary to take on another. People marry waving goodbye to being single to become wives and husbands. Many die to being just themselves to become parents, responsible lives other than their own. AA is rife with people, brave women and men, standing up to admit a powerlessness over substance abuse to become whole again and empowered in community.

It is that sort of Death. Mark His passing, but, as I said, don't revere Him. He really is just passing through.

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